Aging and Society Programme


Conference Programme


FRIDAY, 27 October 2017



Registration (main hall)



Conference opening – room 1.48



Session I – room 1.48


Chair: Wojciech Owczarski


Ewa Malinowska (University of Łódź, Poland)

Genesis of Attitudes Towards One’s Own Appearance in the Awareness of Middle-Aged and Old Women and Men


Julita Czernecka (University of Łódź, Poland)

Cult of Youth and Attractiveness: The Role of Appearance Among Middle-Aged and Older People


Krystyna Dzwonkowska-Godula (University of Łódź, Poland)

Aging and Gender in Social Perception: Social Images of Middle-Aged and Old Women and Men


Emila Garncarek (University of Łódź, Poland)

“I take care of myself / I’m safeguarded”: Ways of Taking Care of One’s Health by Elderly Women and Men



Coffee / Tea break


12.30 – 14:30

Session II – room 1.48


Chair: Ewa Malinowska


Ofra Or (Independent Researcher, Israel)

Israeli Midlife Women in Second Partnerships Choosing Living Apart Together


Alex Franklin (University of West of England, Bristol, UK)

Age-Appropriate Dress?


Natasza Doiczman (Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland)

The Oldest Family Members in the Face of Migrate Their Children


Aleksandra Wierucka (University of Gdańsk, Poland)

The Power of Aging? Keeping Identity and Dictating Future by the Elders in Huaorani Group of Eastern Ecuador



Lunch and wine reception



Session III – room 1.48


Chair: Ofra Or


Alex Franklin (University of West of England, Bristol, UK)

Othering the Elderly: Autoethnography as Counteractive Methodological Strategy


Anna Dudkowski-Sadowska (Maria Curie-Skłodowska University, Medical University of Lublin, Poland)

Family Caregiving for the Elderly: The Autoethnographic Perspective


Seda Calisir-Hovardaoglu, Ozan Hovardaoglu (Erciyes University, Turkey)

Return of the Retired Workforce: Tourism Development, Elderly Entrepreneurs and Ageing in Cappadocia Region in Turkey


Justyna Pawlak (Cracow University of Economics)

Do Elderly Employees Work Less Effectively? Age Management as a Mean of Increasing of the Effectiveness of a Diverse Team



Coffee/ Tea Break



Session IV – room 1.48


Chair: Alex Franklin


Wanda Dittrich (University of Security, Poland), Mariusz Wirski (University of Gdańsk, Poland)

No Country for Old Men: Aging and Discrimination in Selected Films


Stankomir Nicieja (University of Opole, Poland)

Learning from East Asians: Old Age and Dignified Death in Contemporary Western Cinema


Justyna Mahler (University of Gdańsk, Poland)

Against Aging: Reflections Around the Cricot Theatre



Conference closing

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